Busy morning blog writing

Well, that went by quickly. I said I was going to blog once a month from now on. I figured that would give me more than enough time to think of a topic and write about it. Well, seems like life has been too hectic for me lately.

My blog is called My journey to simplicity. Seems like my journey keeps taking me off the path of simplicity. I know I know, that's just life.

I'm actually writing this post as I'm sitting in the kitchen on a busy Friday morning as Mr. Romantic is trying to get his kids out the door for school and I'm about to leave to drive my daughter to school in Orleans from Kanata (making my morning commute to work about 1.5 hours). *Sigh*

In an effort to try to bring my journey back to simplicity, I've started a bullet journal. I think this is going to be a great tool for me. I've been enjoying it so far. I'll write more about it in another post. Perhaps for my March post...

Mr. Romantic's son is standing right beside me and reading this sentence as I type it out. Like I said, it's a busy morning!

Mr. Romantic's daughter asks "Who's Mr. Romantic? Is daddy Mr. Romantic?"

My daughter shows me a video.

So yeah, writing a blog post on a weekday school morning with the kids in the house is probably not the best idea....

Well... such is life. :)

So as I was saying... the bullet journal is my new fun productive hobby. I've also been getting ready for my trip to Europe with Mr. Romantic, which is coming up very soon.

Well, it's now time for me to leave for work. Sorry about this scattered post. I promise to try to do better for my next post in March.

See you March 31st!


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