Constantly and consistently work towards minimalism

I apologize for posting later in the day than I usually do on post day. I changed my mind a few times on what to write. Things have been somewhat hectic lately... 

Many things have changed in my life over the past year:
  • My teenage daughter moved out and moved back in.
  • Then, we moved from downtown Ottawa to the suburbs of Kanata where my daughter and I’ve had to learn to live with more people – Mr. Romantic, his cat, and every other week his two kids. (It had been just the two of us for about 13 years.)
  • My daughter has changed schools three times. Once, because of our move. And the other two times so that she could be in a school and program better suited to her needs and wants.
  • I’ve changed jobs in October. The original work team I joined when I changed jobs in October has since been dismantled and I’m now on another team. (I’m still transitioning.)
  • And this month, I’ve had laser eye surgery. My vision is still adjusting, as is my brain. Thirty years of wearing glasses is not easily forgotten. I still have the reflex of adjusting my glasses, even though they’re not there. Or wanting to put them on or take them off a few times during the day. I wouldn’t say that I miss them, but it’s like my brain isn’t quite sure what to do with all that new found “free time”. 
Anyway, with all this life going on, I feel like I’ve kind of lost my minimalist way. Mr. Romantic and I have purchased a few things in our quest to adjust to our new life together. However, we’ve also let go of many, many, things (like when we went through our combined kitchen gear and got rid of any duplicates, keeping only the best version of any given item).

My default is to go out and buy something to "fix the problem". I have to make an effort to talk myself out of impulse purchases. Even though I want a minimalist home, I have to constantly and consistently work towards it – re-examining my true needs and my unnecessary wants.

We’re still adjusting and trying to figure how to best set up our home. A minimalist's work is never done!


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