When a minimalist upsizes her home

Can I still be called a minimalist if I'm contemplating getting a bigger house for my family? I sure think so!

Let me explain...

Back in December 2015, I met Mr. Romantic. We hit it off right away. We had our first date on December 4 and our second on the 5th. We've pretty much been inseparable ever since.

Yep, it was that easy!

My condo lease was coming to an end in August 2016, so I could move if I wanted to. And I wanted to! I was unhappy with the condo. So it was either find a new place to rent, or move in with Mr. Romantic.

Within about 5 months into our relationship, we were basically spending all of our time together anyway. Either in the downtown condo or in his suburban townhouse on the weeks he had his kids.

So after much talk and going through my ultimate should we live together questionnaire, we decided to take the plunge.

We've been living in his three-bedroom townhouse for a little over eight months now. Two adults and three kids. My daughter doesn't have her own bedroom with a door. She's been using the basement family room. It makes for a big bedroom, but it has no door and we need to go through it for laundry. Teenagers need their own space. At least, my teenager does.

So, Mr. Romantic and I have decided to try to find a four-bedroom house.But don't worry, it's not all up-sizing. It's lots of purging too! My favourite!!

Having to move can light a fire under you and make you face your stuff.

We don't ask ourselves "is it still good?" as we decide what to keep. The answer to that question would be yes, more often than not. We normally get rid of our trash, so what's left is in good condition.

We ask ourselves "can we remember the last time we used it?", "do we really want to take it with us and pay to have it moved to the new place?" And if we do have it moved to the new place, "do we really want to try and find a spot for it?".

Most four-bedroom homes in our area that interest us have way more space than we need. Tons of storage space. So I expect that whatever house we find, we'll be leaving many of those storage spaces empty. And I'm perfectly fine with that!

Once the kids are all grown up and in their own homes, we'll downsize again. Maybe back to a smaller downtown condo. Maybe in another part of the country. Maybe in a whole other country.

But for now, this minimalist is upsizing her home.


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